Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clean those Makeup Brushes Girl!

I know we can all be a tad bit lazy when it comes to cleaning our makeup brushes!When you invest in a good set of makeup brushes you want to take care of them and make sure they are being used to there full capability. Clumps of eyeliner and brush hair with yesterday blush is just not attractive and can be bad to you skin.So girls take a few minutes out of your busy schedule  and clean those brushes at least once week!
♥ Put some liquid soap or brush cleaner in the palm of your hand( I like to use baby shampoo it's a very inexpensive gentle way to clean your brushes)
♥Swirl your brushes around in it
♥Then rinse them off in lukewarm water
♥Lay some paper towels down on a counter or table then lay your brushes down over the edge of the surface so as they air dry they don't lose their shape

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