Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eye love it!

I came across this epic eyeshadow pallete at the drugstore Walgreens.I have never purchased City Color cosmetics before but at only $2.99 I couldn't resist. Many times must brands put on the eyeshadow the designated spot on the eyelid for the shadow like "base".This one instead has an eye with the area the shadow should be applied.For a beginner this would be fantastic way to see where the color should be applied to achieve a professional makeup look.The palette included 8 different great quality shadows and they have 3 palettes to choose from. What can I say Eye love it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beauty Bits- Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clean those Makeup Brushes Girl!

I know we can all be a tad bit lazy when it comes to cleaning our makeup brushes!When you invest in a good set of makeup brushes you want to take care of them and make sure they are being used to there full capability. Clumps of eyeliner and brush hair with yesterday blush is just not attractive and can be bad to you skin.So girls take a few minutes out of your busy schedule  and clean those brushes at least once week!
♥ Put some liquid soap or brush cleaner in the palm of your hand( I like to use baby shampoo it's a very inexpensive gentle way to clean your brushes)
♥Swirl your brushes around in it
♥Then rinse them off in lukewarm water
♥Lay some paper towels down on a counter or table then lay your brushes down over the edge of the surface so as they air dry they don't lose their shape

Friday, September 23, 2011

Petite Homes

I'm in love with these cute little petite homes that are all the rage right now with people downsizing because of the economy. Yes they may be small which means not much space for your clothes and makeup but with so many different ways to personalize and design them you have endless possibilities. I would love to have a petite home or even turn one into my weekend getaway just to have time to breathe and relax from the everyday chores of life.Above are some pictures of these teacup homes decked out in a shabby chic victorian feel which is my personal favorite style of all.

Fall Haul

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Try it Thursdays - Nyx Jumbo Eye pencils

Looking for an eyeshadow base while making your eyeshadow more vibrant? NYX jumbo eye pencils are perfect they are very easy to apply and smooth out.I haven't stopped using mine since I bought my first one in the color "milk" . You can also create a cool smoky eye effect with them by using your finger to smudge them out around your eye. Here are my top colors I believe everyone should add To there Makeup collection! Milk♥Dark brown♥Black bean♥Oyster♥Pacific

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday hair and makeup Tutorial

     ♥ Outfit of the day ♥
This is the outfit I wore to my Birthday dinner!
The dress is a purple satin halter with a gorgeous  beaded necklace designed halter top it was purchased at JcPenny's. The ring is from Forever21it is a silver band with a Pink stone and rhinestone detailing on the sides.
My favorite part of the outfit are the silver peep toe pumps with pink and purple reflex. The brand is Joey O and was purchased at a boutique.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Try it Thursday

Every Thursday I will be doing a review on a beauty product I recommend everyone trying.This Thursday The Maybelline Falsies Flared mascara took the spotlight. Alot of times reviews tell you the pros and cons about a product but never tell you what the reviewers are working with.As in hair type,skin type,or in this case eyelash type. Some of us are born with already long thick lashes while others aren't so lucky.My eyelashes are pretty normal they are not thin or long nor or they short. So now that you know what I'm working with hopefully it will give you a better understanding if this product would work for your eyelash type. The Falsies Flared mascara builds volume rather quickly for a dramatic false eyelash look and lengthens slightly too.You only need a couple sweeps of the wand and your done,too much it will clump like most any mascara will do. The brushes small bristles easily grabs every lash especially with the help of the curve. Once the mascara is completely dry,it leaves the lashes semi-stiff just enough to hold a curl rather well.Also throughout the day there is minimum flaking or smudging. I use this mascara on a daily basis and for only $7 a tube this is a steal so give it a try!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Go To makeup for August

Ulta 21 Days of Steals

For 21 days at Ulta Beauty you can find a beauty steal. Basically they are offering a high-end product at a special price for 21 days this month. Today a Too-Faced shadow insurance for $9 (original $18) my personal favorite and one deal I wasn't going to miss out on.I have used the Too-Faced shadow insurance for about a year now.It works wonders on getting your eyeshadow to last through out the day and stay vibrant.I wish more stores would have promos like Ulta's beauty steals althrough Im sure my make-up collection would turn into a hoarders paradise if that was the case.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tickled Pink Love

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On a little shopping trip to Target to grab some grub I came across the beauty section.Like always I had to take a look at the make-up.I have purchased many E.L.F. products in the past and was satisfied with just about everything I have bought. A sparkly girly pink blush "tickled pink" caught my eye and at three bucks I had to give it a test run.Three days later I may never use another blush again it has defiantly won my heart unlike many guys I have dated in the past! It's the most pigmented gorgeous shade of pink. When applied it stays put for hours and seamlessly goes on your cheeks with just a right  hint of sparkle. Next time your looking for a awesome quality drugstore but pigmented like high-end blush grab this one you will not be disappointed I pinkie promise.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Officially #1

Hey my beauty junkies!!This site is going to be about all things beauty with a little this and that in between.I will be posting beauty tip and tricks,ootd (outfit of the day),reviews on new products,and new trends for the always changing seasons weekly and sometimes daily so everyone can get their daily dose of beauty.
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