Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not so nerdy knit pants

When I think knit pants I automatically think not so fashionable.That all changed recently,I came across a pair of my oh so favorite teal color knit skinny pants at Marshall for only $12!!!!They came in Small,Medium,and Large not like your typically jean size number I wear a size 3 so I got the small. The snug fit looked amazing not too tight not too lose and o.m.g so comfortable and warm.I'm not a denim lover when it comes to comfort some can be itchy and rough oh and restricting of movement!lol! Since Each Marshall store gets in different stuff,I have found some other pairs of knit skinny pants at some of my favorite stores that I'm going to purchase! Here they are!

At Macy's for $ 74

Love this color exactly like the one's I purchased at Marshall's
These are at Wetseal for only $24
The pic below is the pants I purchased at Marshall's

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