Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Favorite Soap ever!

If you watch my YouTube videos then you probably have watched my review on these awesome all natural goat milk soaps from Creamery Creek Farms.I was contacted by Creamery Creek Farms to try out their soaps about 2 months ago.I gave them a try and haven't used another bar of soap since.They have improved the quality and apperance of my skin so much.I have really sensitive skin so I have to be careful to use soaps that don't have chemicals or harsh fragances which their soaps do not.They are made on their family farm in Utah from their own goat's milk. They have a wide range of fragances to choose from and at $5 a bar you get a lot of product that lathers really well and very quick shipping to boot.I can not wait to order some more of these great soaps for my friends and family to try.If you would like to check out their website for my information go to
The soap shown in the pic is my personal favorite so far "Pink Sugar"


  1. This soap sounds wonderful! I think I need to give this a try! :)


  2. mmm this looks lush! Thanks for following my blog, I'm loving yours and following back :) xxx


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